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This is the problem with half-baked potatoes that call themselves astrologers because they tend to leave out the detailed observation of characteristics of horoscope signs and planets. Yes its true that Cancer is the sign lorded by Moon and Moon is friend of Mars.

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But Cancer Sign is the sign of emotions and feelings. Mars is essentially a warrior kshatriya. There is no room for feelings and emotions in a war. An emotional fool is sure to cause downfall of himself and his army in a war.

Planetary Dignity and Debility - Crystal B. Astrology

An organized and disciplined warrior not only ensures his army's victory in war but he also adds to his fame. Mars natives even outside war like situation are employers or employees who like quick thoughts and actions. They are not the type to think twice before acting. Natives with Mars in Capricorn Sign with their organizational skills and disciplined approach would ensure accurate and timebound completion of projects.

Mars in Cancer Sign often leads to emotional turmoil and decisions taken in those situations are not always rational. While natives with Mars in Cancer need cooling off after emotional outbursts.

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Also Mars in Cancer gives health problems which delay work. Mars in Capricorn Sign, Gemini Sign and Cancer Sign can earn more money if they use tact and diplomacy but if there is ambition and hard work then surely an exalted Mars fares far better then emotional wreckage called debilitated Mars.

The exalted Mars gives abundant fame along with fortune. So if you have a strong Mars try to think less and work more and success along with fame and fortune would follow. This is the offical page of AstroIsha.

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We provide practical solutions to questions and wish to keep the superstitious and superficial remedies out of Astrology. Priya Kapil.

Generic Effects of Mars (Mangal/ Kuja)

Contact me today, a skilled Vedic astrologer, in Hayes, Middlesex, to find out more about astrology and discover your birth chart reports. Mars is a natural Malefic with the ability to cause great havoc in a horoscope. Yet it can be beneficial when it is the yogakaraka in a horoscope of Leo and Cancer ascendants.

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Mars is the planet of action and getting things done and can therefore give massive amounts of energy and ambition when placed favourably. It makes a person bold and confident of themselves, and also denotes courage in a chart. Mars Positive traits When Mars is placed favourably in a chart, it gives stamina, vitality and confidence in ones own self. It makes them achieve their goals because they have a plan that they stick to and put efforts into.

A good Mars gives the person a flair for persuading people about their own point and getting them to do things their way- this can also be called good manipulation abilities.

Debilitated Mars in 1st House of Horoscope

Mars also takes a person into sports, and you may see that children with prominent mars in their horoscopes often love physical education and competitive sports as this is a channel for their abundant energy. Positive Mars gives the person the ability to heal quickly from illness and wounds and they have a strong healthy immune system subject to the placement of Jupiter.

Exalted Mars In the sign of Capricorn, mars is exalted and here it has great strength. It makes one goal orientated and gives the power and ability to see through plans and projects. It makes the person a good organiser running a tight ship. Mars Negative traits A negative Mars firstly makes a person prone to accidents and injury.